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Fore Play


I am such a novice golfer that I would love to be able to hit the ball well enough to necessitate this call 'Fore .... be aware' this is a feminine view of the game - holding all the symbols of womanhood - the traditional bundle from the stork - now only holding our ambitions with our swing!!

The work contrasts with the darker palette of 'The Gentleman's Game' but if you had a large space you could hang the two together! It would be an ice breaker - along the Entry or in the Lounge - prompting all those stories!!

Detail Below

the canvas is 1.5 x 1.5mtre x 70cm streatch ready to hang

medium - pastel - graphite and acrylic glazing

with raw canvas and original artist marks visible through the glazing


This detail shows the glazing of the gum trees and the wonderful flow of the mediums




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