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Gone Surfing `Ultimate Freedom

Gone Surfing

Given the coast and water that surrounds us - this is a huge part of our culture. But even more so it is a release that we can have - to clear our minds and stretch our bodies - shaking off all our frustrations!

Working this canvas was very much of that ilk - loose washes of acrylic glazing let me lay the water and sand down - I have to say thanks to the guys at the local Paddle Board Shop** for the time they took to show me the details of a paddle board and the paddle! I fell in love with their wooden Starboard** models and so these are featured in the painting! I take my hat off to the board makers of old as there are probably 10 to 20 layers of glaze on this board and it brought to mind the stories you hear of board owners waxing their boards - I can identify with it now - an most relaxing experience layering the board - glaze by glaze!

The ultimate `Freedom!!

Gone Surfing

details below

the canvas is 1.5 x 1.5mtre x 70cm streatch ready to hang

medium - pastel - graphite and acrylic glazing

with raw canvas and original artist marks visible through the glazing

The layers are mix of medium and paint - the 'spalsh' marks are a labour of love each on individually placed to record the mark of the wave!

I used a small amount of 'Iridescent Bronze (Fine)' a Golden medium that contains iron oxide coated Mica particles which float and spread as the medium dries to leave this amazing greenie bronze sheen on the waves! This medium is probably normally used to created rusted or antique textures but worked really well on the water to give the depth I was looking for!!

The symbol of Summer Days `a hybiscus in the hair!

The wooden paddel to match the wooden board `I love natural materials so this works well!

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