Art Migration - over time and space!

The works included in this Series - 'History is My Avatar' are designed to explore the idea of an art evolution that has resulted from the migration over time by our forebears, resulting in a 2nd generation of artists with mixed cultural influences!!

The work will explore the emotional and visual evolution - via mixed media canvas, digital montage - pastel - graphite and oil glazing +plus video montage.

The Work explores images influenced by my Flemish roots inherited from my Mother, yet delivered to the canvas or video via contemporary techniques and with the resolution relating to the independent modern Australian Artist and woman that I have become.

My goal is to capture the progression of the journey from then to now - metaphysically and visually to show the connection of art across the continents.

I have recently had the pleasure of being able to physically explore the 'Mother' Continent and discover some of the drivers of that modern Culture.

The purpose of this Journey is to put me in touch with these Flemish roots and images - to understand the rhythms of that life, the colours - the textures - the perhaps dark emotions of transition - to merge these with the colours and textures of the Blue Mountains in Australia, where I grew up - the tropical north where I live now and the internal colours and strengths of the woman I have become!

The History

I am looking to explore the emotions - the visuals and the textures that related the migration of a young man - 22 years old born in Gent - Belgium who went to sea in 1863 and found his way to Australia and the translation of those genes to the woman that his Great Granddaughter has become in 2013

Record 8. flags Henry Cousemacker - Seaman - 22 years - Ghent,

Was he seeking adventure?

Probably - did he ever go home to his mother or familiar land - not that we know of - he did however settle south of Sydney and participated in the build of the first school in Merimbula and have some involvement in the Birthing Hospital in Pambula NSW.

Old stone buildings which still stand today. Such a contribution to his new home - perhaps motivated by the needs of the 10 children he fathered along with his wife Janet Berry




these works form some of the detail from a preliminary working piece - incorporating the ships log

His Grand Daughter - my Mother was also a resourceful and creative woman -
born in 1911 she was a trained chef in an era dominated by men!

So this Journey has a new twist - The Sydney Morning Herald 1911 -


These images have all become part of me - experimental works incorporating digital collage - pastel and oil glazing on canvas - I am looking to take this to another level and incorporate larger panels as part installation with some video records of the journey and early images that I can capture insitu on the ground - in Gent or Antwerp - local memories he may have carried with him - some inspiration for the architecture he used in the construction??

My mothers old chairs - the advert's from the paper 'Sydney Morning Herald 1911 - the year she was born

Some final images

The Reading Corner - 1911

The Reading Corner

It Serves 40

It Serves 40

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