The Baggy Green Study 1

The Baggy Green

The Baggy Green 2


Every year the

Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize

is an invitation only exhibition and this year they are expanding it to include a

Sports Art Exhibition

to run concurrently with the Prize – so I was very excited and honoured to be invited to participate this year!

50 x 50cm – pastel – graphite and acrylic glazes
on stretched canvas ready to hang

As a tiny girl my summers were spent at the beach, my Uncles – long lanky dairy farmers from the Clarence River, sprawled across the day beds on the wide verandas – glued to the Summer Test Match – slanging at the English for all they were worth or cursing the Ozzies for not watching what they were doing!

As a colourist – I love to play and deconstruct my palette to be representative while still somewhat abstracted.

These paintings remind me of the colours of Yamba – the blue of the surf, gold of the sand the heat of the sun and those wonderful memories of family, relaxed and comfortable.

The style is typical of work currently taking shape in the Studio – glazing, mixed media – worked across layers of drawn images and textures.

Slightly smaller than my normal panels – these canvas have allowed me to deliver a more intimate study.

Studio work tends to be collaborative – responsive to commission work. 2014 is planned as a year for stretching and growing by taking part in a series of Art Residencies off-shore. This work will provide a platform for this period of exploration and cultural exchange


The Bails
The Ball
The Baggy Green
the Baggy Green

SOLD to a Private Collection

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